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Transportation Plane

The most convenient airports for Coimbra are:

Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto – a 110 Km)

Portela (Lisboa – a 210 Km)

Transportation Train

National trains from the main cities, like Lisbon and Oporto, operated by CP (Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses) , and some international trains, entering from the border town Vilar Formoso/Irun arrive daily at Coimbra. In addition to the railway terminal Coimbra B, the city also has the railway station Coimbra A, in the city centre. Schedules available here.

Transportation Bus

There are regular coach services between Portugal's main towns and cities to Coimbra. The main bus company to operate this services is Rede Expressos You can find your bus here

Transportation Car

From Lisbon (South) or Oporto (North), please follow A1 (highway). If you want to drive along the coastline, you can follow other highways: From South, take A8, A17, then leave to A14 (Figueira da Foz) and follow directions to Coimbra; From North, take A29, A17, then leave to A14 (Figueira da Foz) and follow directions to Coimbra. If you are entering Portugal from Vilar Formoso, take A25 (highway), and connect to IP3 in Viseu, and then follow directions to Coimbra.

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